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The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT)

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT) is a family member of the Lutheran World Federation, Christian Council of Tanzania, World Council of Churches, ACT Alliance, and All Africa Conference of Churches.
ELCT officially began its work in 1963. When the seven churches in the then Tanganyika (now Tanzania) formed one church. At the time of amalgamation, there were a total of 500,000 church members. To date, ELCT has about 7.3 million members.
The ELCT is divided into 26 dioceses and each diocese is headed by a Bishop. ELCT is headed by Presiding Bishop and the current Presiding Bishop is the Rt. Rev. Dr. Fredrick O. Shoo who is also the Bishop of the ELCT Northern Diocese.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania Northern Diocese (ELCT ND)

The ELCT Northern Diocese is one of the 26 Diocese of ELCT, with a population of 350,000 members. It comprises five church districts, four of which are in Kilimanjaro and Manyara while the fifth one is in  Arusha Region. The Diocese has 165 parishes comprised of 445 congregations. The Diocese has 370 pastors (313 male and 57 female). It is a registered organization since 14th June 1976 as a body incorporated under the provisions of the Trustees’ Incorporation Ordinance of 1956. It is further registered under the Societies Ordinance of 1954 since 6th April 2001 with registration number So. No. 10868. ELCT ND pays tax to the government. Its Tax Identification Number (TIN) is 101-934-268.
The ELCT ND calling is to proclaim the Gospel. Her work is manifested in social responsibilities including education, health, and economic development activities. Church engages in education from nursery schools to the University; both primary and tertiary healthcare; environmental conservation programs; Livestock and Agriculture improvements and other social services. As a move towards self-reliance, the church run a Community bank, Savings and Credit Society (SACCOS) with 4,800 members from different beliefs, a bookshop, three guest hotels, and real estate as income generating activities.