Uchumi Bank



Bank History

Uchumi Commercial Bank Ltd was established in 2005 by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania Northern Diocese (ELCT-ND). It was granted license by Bank of Tanzania (BOT) on 19th September 2005 to operate as a regional unit bank to provide all normal commercial banking services in Northern Tanzania, based in Moshi Municipality, Kilimanjaro Region. It is licensed under the Banking and Financial Institutions Act 2006 and regulated by the Bank of Tanzania Act 2006. Its main focus is to work with organized grassroots economic groups that have hitherto been largely under-banked, principally individuals running small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Northern Tanzania.

uchumi2The main shareholder of UCB is the Northern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT-ND). The bank has however extended ownership to individuals and other entities, mostly associated with ELCT-ND and currently has over 330,000 shareholders. Most of these are ordinary Tanzanians, a large number of whom are members of the Northern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT-ND).

The bank was established by ELCT-ND with a two-pronged mission:

(a)      To have a vibrant commercial bank based in Moshi town, providing friendly state of the art commercial banking services to all its multi-cultural customers.

(b)      To support the re-emergence of financially sustainable savings and credit societies (SACCOs) through the extensive network of parishes – to address the needs of hundreds of thousands of the poor people all over northern Tanzania, irrespective of their religious beliefs.

(c)      Tanzania, irrespective of their religious beliefs.

Our Motto:

Caring for Family Economy …. (Kujali Uchumi wa Familia)


Efficient, affordable and convenient banking services“


To provide efficient, affordable and convenient banking services to individuals, small and medium size enterprise and other entities in Northern Tanzania to reduce poverty in low income families.

Core Values


    We respect one another and co-operate in our work.

  • Professionalism: We do our work competently and are committed to high personal standards in customer service delivery.
  • Integrity: We are sincere, trusted and dependable.
  • Caring: We are polite, accommodative and give due attention to our clients.  
  • Customer Oriented: We treat our clients with respect and dignity.
  • Economic Justice: We always design our products and services in a way that addresses economic inequalities and contributes towards poverty reduction.

Our People


Our team comprise of well dedicated, learned, qualified and long experienced members of staff with high team spirit. Our merger of innovativeness, dynamism and passion in doing what we do inspires us to want to do more in order to achieve the best.  From the CEO to the bank tellers, these unique qualities are always at play allowing our customers to expect and get perfect solutions to their needs.

Competitive Advantage

Our institution believes that, it can offer a competitive advantage or benefit over other financial institutions by providing sufficient, efficient, affordable and convenient banking services. Also the bank charges are low and negotiable compare to other financial institutions.