Machame hospital

Machame Lutheran Hospital is a Rural Mission Hospital owned by the Evangelical Lutherun Church of Tanzania Northern Diocese. It is supervised by the Board of Governors.

The Hospital was established by the Lutheran Missionaries from Germany in 1904. Since then the hospital grew gradually and it has provided highest and quality essential health and Medical Care services at reasonable cost to the population of Hai District in Kilimanjaro Region.  Our service have expanded steadily over the years until today we have an inpatient capacity of 230 beds and outpatient services which cater for about 150 patients on daily basis. Machame Hospital cover  the catchment areas of about 300,000 people within Kilimanjaro Region and Neighboring Regions plus District (eg. Simanjiro, Arumeru, Arusha and Tanga.)

The Hospital Supervise eight satellite Dispensaries and three Health Centre namely Kisereny, Lemira, Ng’uni, Lukani, Mungushi, Moshi town, Elerai, Ngaritati, Lyamungo, Sanya juu, Masama respectively. The Dispensaries are located mainly in Machame, Masama, and Siha division except for Moshi town dispensaries and Nomeut which is located in Simanjiro District in Arusha Region.

The Distance from main Hospital to its satellite dispensaries vary from one dispensary to another, the nearest dispensary is about 5 km While, the farthest is about 90 km from the Hospital with rough road.

The hospital offer other community health services like voluntary counseling and testing (VCT), Palliatice care and Home Base Care services and Primary Health Care (PHC)

The Hospital is involved in Training of Clinical Officers and Nursing Officers. The Clinical Officer Training Centre (C. O .T.C), accommodate a total of 150 students in three years course, that is input and output of 50 clinicians who do serve as clinicians all over the country. For the reason that our country is facing a devastating shortage nurses, Machame Hospital Intervened as one of the solutions opening school in February 2010. Currently 41 Nurse students had been enrolled.

Over 75% Machame Hospital relies on the patients fees for its day to day running activities, but now the surrounding population economically is unwell, at the same time the cost of drugs and other supplies had gone up, this make it difficult to have the patients carry the full cost of treatment; the increase of treatment fee further will threaten the purpose of the existence of this hospital by making it inaccessible to the community it is supposed to serve.

Machame Lutheran Hospital Mission Statement

Machame Hospital is a Christian Community Providing Compassionate physical, mental and Spiritual healthy care for the needy. This care is appropriate and affordable for meeting of common need of our clients through well trained competent staff. In our Christian Compassion we seek justice in accessibility of care and distribution of resources.

We believe this Medical work is a means of Evangelical and spiritual nurture for the personnel and clients.


The medical department consist of mainly 2 wards ie. Male medical ward and Female medical ward with patient in ICU and in private ward.

Also the department is responsible for diagnostic department like Laboratory, Radiology unit, ECG, Ultrasonography and Endoscopy Unit.


The Unit has bed capacity of 42 in collaboration with MCH Clinics. Both obstetricks and Gynaecology cases are being attended both on outpatient and inpatient manner.


The surgical department is active throughout the year under supervision of surgical specialist with a lot of Success. Major and Minor procedures are done on daily basis. These cover both emergence and selective procedures. This had been possible because the department has its own operating theatre.


Machame Theatre is well equipped department and is the busiest department due to an increasing number of Road Traffic accident because Machame is close to the high way connecting Arusha and Kilimanjaro. We are blessed to have full time Orthopaedic specialist (Surgeon) working with Machame Hospital. Full time Physiotherapy services are also under this Department.


This Unit is Interdisciplinary and run by the Anesthetic department in cooperation with the Doctor of the respective discipline. It is equipped with Oxygen concentrators, suction devices, Oxygen cylinders, emergency trays, defibrillator n.k.


This Department also operates under in and out patient’s basis. Handicapped child activities, Health education regarding child health are also under this department.


Private ward is inter disciplinary and has 22 beds. The ward receive the patients from all department s who need more privacy and able to pay for the service. The head of the department is directly concerned with the patient admitted in the ward.


This department supervise three laboratories namely, Hospital Laboratory, COTC Laboratory  for teaching and CTC Laboratory. Many Laboratory  test  are carried out in this department like: Blood  Slides, Urine, Stool, Hematology, Sputum, ESR, WBC, Platelets, Sick ling  test, Bleeding indices, ABO Group, X-Match, HIV, Widal test, Bacteriology, Biochemistry, CD4 count just to mention a few.


This department supervises all medical equipment, supplies and drugs to the hospital and teaching Laboratory.


The department runs its services smoothly to assist other departments. Several X-rays examinations and Ultrasonography assessments are done throughout for both elective and emergency cases.



This Unit extended its services from waiting clients to willingly come to centre to approach them to the community e.g. School, Churches, Markets, Mosques etc. Thousands of clients receive counseling and testing through these services.

  • CTC

This department provides ARVs treatment for HIV patients, adherence counseling, CD4 count estimation, health education, Opportunistic infection treatment etc. It also visits patients who are unable to attend the clinic to their home for follow up and treatment both for HIV and Opportunities infections.



Chaplain office provides spiritual service to the patients, students and hospital staff for those who need this kind of service.


The hospital offers mortuary services for dead bodies from the hospital and those from outside the hospital. Currently this department can accommodate 12 dead bodies at a time. Postmortem procedures are done in this department.


This Department provides services to community about the primary Health Education to all Hai and Siha District and part of Simanjiro, Meru and Mosh Rural District. This is done by visiting and educating communities like schools, churches, markets and other congregates setting.